Welcome to The Northern Shaolin School of Kung Fu

The Northern Shaolin School of Kung Fu is a traditional Martial Arts school that teaches Shaolin Kung Fu from the Gu Ru Zhang Lineage as well as other styles of martial arts. Our other styles taught include Isshinryu Karate, Kali and Tai Chi.

Martial Arts will help you develop discipline, self-confidence, fitness, focus and self-defense skills. Each style has its own particular techniques and philosophies based on culture. Try different classes to determine which style(s) fit you best.

We are located at 2354-B Ebenezer Rd., Rock Hill, SC. We hold classes for adults and children starting as young as five years old. Feel free to watch or try any of our classes!


Villabrille-Largusa Kali System teaches weaponry, empty hand, and kicking techniques of the late Grandmaster Villabrille. Villabrille-Largusa Kali is an effective Martial Art for self-defense and fitness.

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Isshinryu Karate

Isshinryu Karate is a combination of Goju Ryu Karate, Shorin Ryu Karate, and Kobudo. Isshinryu teaches powerful, lightning-fast techniques, and non-flashy self defense for real life situations (private lessons only).

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Martial Art that exercises all the joints and major muscle groups while circulating internal energy. Tai Chi promotes balance, coordination, strength, stamina, and flexibility.

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